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Using spell checking in XUL

July 28, 2010
05:35 AM
Adds additional check to personal dictionary.; 103 words added

Web-based protocol handlers

May 30, 2010
09:04 AM
php receivethe parameters decode, (unless these are double encoded). Also all user input must be escaped.; 11 words added, 3 words removed

User talk:Sheppy

January 25, 2010
07:11 PM
Removed "please stop from editing my username", Thank you sheppy :); 26 words removed


January 16, 2010
04:57 PM
There is no photos, or personal thinks, just edited my username. PLEASE STOP FROM EDITING MY USERNAME. THANKS; 93 words removed; page display name changed to 'User:tito'

User talk:Sheppy

January 16, 2010
04:56 PM
please read.,; 26 words added