Note: 这个属性并没有完全被一些浏览器支持.

 soundNotification的只读属性,interface specifies the URL of an audio file to be played when the notification fires. This is specified in the sound option of the Notification() constructor.


var sound = Notification.sound;


A USVString.


The following snippet is intended to fire a sound along with the notification; a simple options object is created, then the notification is fired using the Notification() constructor.

var options = {
  body: 'Do you like my body?',
  sound: 'audio/alert.mp3'

var n = new Notification('Test notification',options);

n.sound // should return 'audio/alert.mp3'


Specification Status Comment
Notifications API
Living Standard Living standard

Browser compatibility

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Basic support 未实现


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Firefox OS notes

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