This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

What XULRunner Provides

XULRunner提供了一个开发xul程序的解决方案. XULRunner的目的就是提供一个部署XUL应用(目前主要是Firefox和Thunderbird)的解决方案,同时也提供一个嵌入式应用的机制。目前已经实现或计划的功能如下:


Gecko Features

  • Networking
  • Gecko rendering engine
  • DOM editing and transaction support (no UI)
  • Cryptography
  • XBL (XBL2)
  • XUL
  • SVG
  • XSLT
  • XML Extras (XMLHttpRequest and DOMParser)
  • Web Services (SOAP)
  • Auto-update support (not yet complete)
  • typeahead-find toolbar
  • history implementation
  • accessibility support
  • IPC services for communication between gecko-based apps (not yet complete)
  • storage/sqlite interfaces (not yet turned on by default)

User Interface Features

The following user interface will be supplied by XULRunner, and may be overridden by embedders in certain circumstances:

  • APIs and user interface for installing, uninstalling, and upgrading XUL applications. See the wikimo:XUL:Installation Story.
  • Extension Manager
  • File picker (will use native OS filepicker as appropriate)
  • Find toolbar
  • Helper app dialog/UI
  • Security UI (maintenance of SSL keychains, etc)

Embedding APIs

The following embedding APIs will be provided by XULRunner:

  • cross-platform embedding (XRE_InitEmbedding)
  • JavaXPCOM embedding
  • PyXPCOM embedding (not yet complete)
  • activex control (Windows only) (not yet complete)
  • gtkmozembed (Linux only) (not yet complete)
  • NSView-based-widget (Mac OSX only) (not yet complete)

The "Maybe" List

The following features have been discussed and may be included if developer time permits and codesize is controlled:

  • LDAP support
  • Spellchecking support (with or without dictionaries provided) see bug 285977
  • Core support for profile roaming (with application-specific extensibility)

What's out

XULRunner will not supply:

  • Bookmarks or History UI (must be managed by the application/embedder)
  • XForms (xforms will be available as an extension).