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Cross-Platform Installer Module (XPI) (pronounced "zippy") is a ZIP file used to install packages, utilizing the XPInstall technology. XPI modules (so called "Bundles") are employed to install a wide variety of software, including Plugins, Extensions, Themes, and Thunderbird dictionaries.

跨平台安装模块(XPI) (发音为 "zippy") 是一个ZIP 文件,它利用 XPInstall技术来安装插件. XPI 模块 (也叫做 "Bundles") 可用来安装各种软件,包括插件Plugins, Extensions, 主题Themes, 和 Thunderbird dictionaries.

A XPI contains installation instructions (install.js or install.rdf) as well as the actual software to install, which is often itself packaged as a JAR file. When downloaded or dropped into an extension manager, XPInstall automatically interacts with the installation instructions contained in the XPI, and installs the contained software.

一个XPI含有安装指令(install.js 或 install.rdf)和真正需要安装的软件。这个软件一般是用JAR格式打包的。当XPI包被下载或者拖动到插件管理器之后,XPInstall自动读取XPI里的安装指令,并安装所包含的软件。

When XPI files are served via HTTP, the application/x-xpinstall MIME type should be matched with the xpi file extension.

当用HTTP来提供XPI文件时,application/x-xpinstall的 MIME类型必修要和xpi文件的插件匹配。