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Returns a sidebar object, which contains several methods for registering add-ons with browser.


window.sidebar.addPanel("Google", "", "");

Note: the third empty parameter is required!


The sidebar object returned has the following methods:

Method Description
addPanel(title, contentURL, customizeURL) 已弃用 Adds a sidebar panel. See Creating a Firefox sidebar for details on sidebars in Firefox 2 and later.
addPersistentPanel(title, contentURL, customizeURL) 已弃用 Adds a sidebar panel, which is able to work in the background. This only works in SeaMonkey or Firefox 1.x; Firefox 2 and later will just do addPanel().
addSearchEngine(engineURL, iconURL, suggestedTitle, suggestedCategory) Installs a search engine. See Adding search engines from web pages (en-US) for details.
addMicrosummaryGenerator(generatorURL) 已弃用 Installs a microsummary generator.


Mozilla-specific. Not part of any standard.