The PaymentAddress interface of the Payment Request API stores address information.

Properties 只读  
The Common Locale Data Repository region code. For example, US, GB, CN, etc.
PaymentAddress.addressLine 只读
An array of strings describing the address. The exact size and content varies by country or location and can include, for example, a street name, house number, apartment number, rural delivery route, descriptive instructions, or post office box number.
PaymentAddress.region 只读
The top level administrative subdivision of the country, for example, a state, province, oblast, or prefecture. 只读
The city or town portion of the address.
PaymentAddress.dependentLocality 只读
The dependent locality or sublocality within a city, for example, a neighborhood, borough, district, or UK dependent locality.
PaymentAddress.postalCode 只读
A code used by a jurisdiction for mail routing, for example, the ZIP code in the United States or the PIN code in India.
PaymentAddress.sortingCode 只读
A postal sorting code such as is used in France.
PaymentAddress.languageCode 只读
The BCP-47 language code for the address, used to determine the field separators and the order of fields when formatting the address for display.
PaymentAddress.organization 只读
The name of the organization, firm, company, or institution at the payment address.
PaymentAddress.recipient 只读
The name of the recipient, purchaser, or contact person at the payment address.
PaymentAddress.careOf 只读  
The name of an intermediary party or entity responsible for transferring packages between the postal service and the recipient. 只读
The telephone number of the recipient or contact person.




Specification Status Comment
Payment Request API
Candidate Recommendation Initial definition.

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