Web 控制台:

  1. 可以查看与当前网页相关的日志信息: 所有的网络请求,JavaScript, CSS,和安全相关的错误与警告信息,还包括页面上 JavaScript 代码运行时产生的错误、警告及相关信息.
  2. 可以激活你和网页之间的交互, 使你可以在当前网页上下文中执行一些 JavaScript 表达式.

Opening the Web Console
How to start using the Web Console.
The command line interpreter
How to interact with a document using the Console.
Split console
Use the Console alongside other tools.
Console messages
Details of the messages the Console logs.
Rich output
See and interact with objects logged by the Console.
Keyboard shortcuts
Shortcut reference.



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