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这篇文章解释了如何在在桌面版的火狐通过开发者工具使用远程调试( remote debugging) 来检查和编程Windows 8 (Merto 风格)的火狐app.



  • 运行在 触屏友好的“Metro” 风格的 Windows 8 电脑上面的的 Window 8(Metro 模式)的火狐(Windows 8 (Metro-style) Firefox)" .
  • 运行于传统“桌面”模式的Windows,Mac OS X,或者Linux ,或者一个独立的电脑或者独立配置文件

Set up Firefox for Metro

Go to about:config in Firefox for Metro, and set the following required preference:

  • devtools.debugger.remote-enabled = true

You may also want to set these optional preferences:

  • devtools.debugger.force-local = false (if you want to connect from a different machine over the network)
  • devtools.debugger.remote-host (to change the TCP hostname where Firefox will listen for connections)
  • devtools.debugger.remote-port (to change the TCP port number where Firefox will listen for connections)
  • devtools.debugger.prompt-connection = false (Allow connections without displaying a confirmation prompt.  This can be a security risk, especially if you also set the force-local preference to false.)

Set up Firefox for desktop

On the desktop, remote debugging is enabled by a setting in the Toolbox. Open the Toolbox, click the "Settings" button in the toolbar, and check "Enable remote debugging" in the Settings tab. If you're using a version of Firefox older than 27, you'll need to restart the browser for the setting to take effect.






Windows 8 (Metro) 浏览器






  • 你会看到You'll see one entry under "Available remote tabs" for each open tab, and clicking it will attach the debugging tools to the web content hosted by that tab. If you want to debug your web content, you'll choose the relevant content tab.
  • You'll see one entry under "Available remote processes": this is the browser process itself. You'll choose this option if you want to debug the browser's own code.

Let's choose to attach to the mozilla.org website. The Toolbox will open in its own window, attached to the Firefox for Metro tab that's currently hosting mozilla.org:

The Toolbox, and the tools it hosts (including the Console, Debugger, Style Editor, Profiler, etc.), work in just the same way as they do when attached to local content.


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