The Mozilla platform

The Mozilla project encompasses several technologies that, together, comprise the Mozilla platform.  These links will direct you to documentation about each of these, as well as how to use the Mozilla platform to build your own projects.

Documentation topics

Participating in the Mozilla project
Articles about the Mozilla project, including how to contribute to the Mozilla project.
The Mozilla Developer Guide
Tools, tips, and documentation for working with Mozilla's source code.
Using Mozilla code in other projects
How to use Mozilla technologies in your own projects.
Much of the Mozilla project is written in JavaScript.
Information about the Cross-Platform Component Object Model, used to allow components written in different languages communicate with one another.
Documentation for the various interfaces that add functionality to the platform.
Mozilla projects' user interfaces are described using the XML User Interface Language.
The Extensible Binding Language is used to bind user interface elements created in XUL to events that are handled by code.
Information related to security in the Mozilla project.
Information about the Fennec project, a version of Firefox for mobile devices.
Information about accessibility, the notion that software should be usable by people with disabilities.
Quality Assurance
Documentation about all forms of testing.


The Bugzilla database used to track issues for Mozilla projects.
Browse and search the Mozilla source code repository on the Web.
The Bonsai tool lets you find out who changed what file in the repository, and when they did it.
Tinderbox shows the status of the tree (whether or not it currently builds successfully).  Check this before checking in and out, to be sure you're working with a working tree.
Crash tracking
Information about the Socorro and Talkback crash reporting systems.
Performance tracking
See performance information for Mozilla projects.
Developer forums
A topic-specific list of discussion forums where you can talk about Mozilla development issues.