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Mozilla 1.3 introduces an implementation of Microsoft® Internet Explorer's designMode feature. The rich-text editing support in Mozilla 1.3 supports the designMode feature which turns HTML documents into rich-text editors. Starting in Firefox 3, Mozilla also supports Internet Explorer's contentEditable attribute which allows any element to become editable or non-editable (the latter for when preventing change to fixed elements in an editable environment).

Mozilla 1.3 引入了能执行微软IE浏览器designMode的功能。Mozilla 1.3支持的富文本编辑器提供的designMode功能能将HTML文档转成富文本编辑器。从Firefox 3开始,Mozilla也支持IE的contentEditable属性,该属性能允许任意元素变成编辑模式或非编辑模式。(后者能阻止在可编辑环境中对固定元素的改变)


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