MDN 工具

MDN 提供了许多功能,以便于跟踪进度、管理内容,以及保持网站上的最新更改。

Page-level tools

The MDN wiki provides an experimental HTTP PUT API for updating documents in whole or by section.
Page deletion
Only MDN administrators are able to delete pages. As a non-admin user, you can request that a page be deleted.
Page moving
The page move tool lets an editor change the URL or slug of a document, and all its sub-pages, in the MDN tree. It is a powerful tool that is very handy when reorganizing pages, or fixing incorrectly positioned pages.
Page regeneration
Because MDN caches rendered content for performance reasons, changes made to source material (such as macro output or transcluded pages) are not automatically reflected in the page. If you expect frequent changes to source materials such as those, you may want to consider enabling automatic regeneration of your page.
Page subscription
A great way to stay involved with content on MDN that you care about is to subscribe to pages, so that you're notified via email when the pages get changed.
Template editing
Anyone editing MDN wiki pages can invoke templates via macros.  Because of the power of KumaScript, creation and editing of templates is restricted to trusted users with the necessary experience.
URL parameters and document metadata
MDN / Kuma doesn't have a central API. Instead, our general approach is to offer ways to turn human-accessible resources into machine-friendly data.

Site-wide tools

On the Kuma platform that powers MDN, the template system for automating aspects of content on the wiki is called KumaScript. KumaScript is powered by server-side JavaScript, implemented using Node.js.
MDN-related add-ons and plug-ins
Members of the MDN community have launched many fun and/or useful projects to create tools, add-ons, and utilities that make it easier to use MDN or to contribute to its content.
RSS feeds
The MDN wiki offers a number of feeds that you can use to monitor the site.
Revision dashboard
The revision dashboard is a feature of the Mozilla Developer Network wiki which lets you look at recent revisions and additions to content on MDN, examine details of what was changed, and act upon those revisions in various ways.
Search on MDN
The on-site search feature of MDN offers a number of features that may not be available when using an external search engine to search for MDN articles.
The MDN sample server
While MDN's Kuma platform provides a built-in live sample system for presenting simple (and even not-so-simple) code samples with the code's output displayed in-context, there are things that doesn't allow, and there are samples that require a server to talk to. For those things, we have the MDN sample server, which solves these and other problems.
A zone is a special area of MDN whose content is presented with some added user interface elements, such as a special zone navigation box and enhanced visuals in the header area of the page.

Other pages

Content kits
MDN Content Kits are subject-based collections of technical resources to help you host a local developer meetup or give a technical presentation at an event, conference, or workshop.