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    Mozilla 开发者网络(MDN)是一个完整的学习平台,你可以在这里深入学习网络技术以及能够驱动网络的软件,包括:



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    我们的社区遍及全球!我们拥有来自世界各地、使用不同语言的了不起的贡献者。如果你想进一步了解我们,或者你想通过任何途径助力 MDN,不妨看看我们的邮件列表或 IRC 聊天频道吧!


    MDN 文档来自于包括 Mozilla 基金会内部与外部编辑者的贡献。除非另有说明,文档基于署名 - 相同方式共享许可(CC-BY-SA)V2.5及以上版本发布。请在包括链接至特定文档页面的内容来源在内,以“Mozilla 贡献者”名义署名。例如,在为本文署名时,你需要这样写:

    Mozilla 贡献者基于 CC-BY-SA 2.5 协议发布的 关于MDN. ”

    注意,在示例中,“Mozzilla 贡献者”链接了引用页面的历史版本。请浏览Best practices for attribution以获得进一步的解释。

    注意: 请浏览 MDN content on 获取在上述网站使用和署名 MDN 内容的信息。

    Code samples added to this wiki before August 20, 2010 are available under the MIT license; you should insert the following attribution information into the MIT template: "© <date of last wiki page revision> <name of person who put it in the wiki>".

    Code samples added on or after August 20, 2010 are in the public domain. No licensing notice is necessary, but if you need one, you can use: "Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.".

    While it's our intention to make the entire wiki available under these licenses, some wiki entries may be covered by other licenses. If a page is being made available under a license other than the licenses noted above, it will be indicated at the bottom of each page by way of an Alternate License Block.

    If you wish to contribute to this wiki, you must make your documentation available under the Attribution-ShareAlike license (or occasionally an alternative license already specified by the page you are editing), and your code samples available under Creative Commons CC-0 (a Public Domain dedication). Adding to this wiki means you agree that your contributions will be made available under those licenses.

    Copyright for contributed materials remains with the author unless the author assigns it to someone else.

    If you have any questions or concerns about anything discussed here, please contact Eric Shepherd.

    Mozilla 基金会的商标、标识、服务标志以及网站的设计、外观不包含在基于知识共享许可的范围内。从某种意义上说,它们是内容的创造者(如图标和图形设计),而这些内容并不在上述许可范畴内发布。 如果你也希望这样发布文档,或者你对这些许可条款还有任何的疑问,你可以联系 Mozilla 基金会以获得更多的帮助:



    源代码表格是在我们修改页面时编辑的 Wiki 文本。它是 Wiki 数据库的转储文件。

    不幸的是,这种文件暂时还不存在,但你可以在 bug 561470 把自己添加到抄送中去。


    The result form is the HTML pages that are generated from the wiki text. The transformation is not trivial, because there are macros and code involved that depend on Kuma, the wiki software we wrote and use.

    You can download a tarball with all the MDN pages.

    This is updated weekly. This was discussed at bug 665750 and bug 561470.


    Mozilla 开发者中心(亦称作 MDC 或 Devmo)项目在2005年年初启动。那时 Mozilla 基金会 从AOL 获得了许可协议,得以使用原创的 DevEdge 内容。 The DevEdge content was mined for still-useful material, which was then migrated by volunteers into this wiki so it would be easier to update and maintain.

    Since then, the project has continued growing and now forms a central nexus for all developer documentation related to the Mozilla Project and open web technologies. In 2010, the name was changed to Mozilla Developer Network; 2011 saw the addition of Demo Studio for web developers to share and show off their code, and Learning pages to provide links to tutorials. (The name MDC lives on as "MDN Doc Center" for the documentation section.) In time, it is hoped that the Mozilla Developer Network will become a resource that web designers, application developers, and extension and theme writers visit on a regular basis.

    关于 Mozilla

    Whether you want to learn more about who we are, how to be a part of Mozilla or just where to find us, you've come to the right place. To find out what drives us and makes us different, please visit our mission page.


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