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The item is a palette of available toolbar items. It is not displayed, but is used by the toolbar customization dialog to display the list of items. The children of the toolbarpalette should be the complete list of toolbarbuttons and toolbaritems that can be added to the toolbar. Do not add the various spacing items, as those are added automatically.

这个控件(item不知道是不是这个意思,下同)是一个调色板控件,它不会显示出来,但是是被工具栏用来个性化对话框从而显示控件列表的。toolbarpalette的子类应该是一个可以被添加入工具栏toolbarbutton和toolbaritem的完整列表。不要加入spacing items,因为它们是被自动添加的。

You can add your own custom buttons to the Firefox browser by using an overlay that overlays the toolbarpalette with the idBrowserToolbarPalette.




<toolbarpalette id="BrowserToolbarPalette">
  <toolbarbutton id="toolbarpalette-button" 


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