Deprecated/Defunct Markup

The following XUL tags and attribute should be considered deprecated, if not defunct.

The list below may include a few elements which are actually in use, but at a deeper level in the code. Even some of the information on the tags below may be out of date, but is provided here for historical reference and to help anyone who comes across them in old code or documentation.


  • <actions> (listed here (by mistake or was it a container tag?)
  • <autorepeatbutton> (action occurs repeatedly on mouse hover--used to construct other elements; used in <arrowscrollbox> and large drop-down menus)
  • <bulletinboard> (made to support left/top styles, but <stack> can now do as well)
  • <gripper> (inside of <scrollbar><thumb>; not to be used by itself)
  • <listboxbody> (internal use only; part of XBL for <listbox>)
  • <menubutton> (experiment in combining buttons and menus; use <button type> instead)
  • <nativescrollbar> (displayed a native scrollbar; had been for Mac only with native themes on)
  • <outliner> (former name for <tree>; <listbox> had been "<tree>")
  • <package> (no longer present but in older documentation)
  • <scrollbarbutton> (button at end of scrollbar; had been only within larger <scrollbar>)
  • <sidebarheader>
  • <slider> (clickable tray in <scrollbar> which holds <thumb>; do not use alone)
  • <spinner> (spinbox; <spinbuttons> with a textbox whereby spinning affects value in textbox; not usable)
  • <spring> (use @flex instead)
  • <strut> (replaced by @debug?)
  • <tabcontrol> (contained tabbox and tabpanel)
  • <text> (like <label> or <description> but does not wrap; like <label crop="end">; had been used in menus/toolbars)
  • <textfield> (like <textbox>)
  • <thumb> (<button> with deprecated <gripper>; implements sliding box in center of scrolbar)
  • <title> (to add a caption on a <titledbox>
  • <titledbox> (box with a frame)
  • <titledbutton> (attempt to combine text and images before <button>)
  • <toolbarpaletteitem>
  • <treebody> (old/experimental and unsupported XUL tags)
  • <treecaption> (old/experimental and unsupported XUL tags)
  • <treecolgroup> (former name for <treecols>
  • <treecolpicker> (internal use only; part of XBL for <tree>)
  • <treefoot> (old/experimental and unsupported XUL tags)
  • <treeindentation> (old/experimental and unsupported XUL tags)
  • <treeicon> (old/experimental and unsupported XUL tags)
  • <treerows> (internal use only; part of XBL for <tree>)


  • @debug="true" provided struts and springs around boxes to facilitate identification of flex issues but does not seem to work now