XPCOM(Cross Platform Component Object Model)是一种跨平台组件对象模型,其原理与微软的COM技术类似,它支持多种语言绑定(Language Bindings)。也就是说,我们可以使用C++、JAVA、JavaScript、Python、Ruby、Perl等语言来编写组件。而XPCOM的接口是用一种叫做XPIDL的IDL(Interface Description Language)来定义的。

XPCOM 本身提供了一套核心的组件和类,用于诸如内存管理,线程,基本数据结构(strings, arrays, variants)等 。但是大部分的XPCOM组件并不是这个核心库提供的,而是由很多第三方的平台(例如Gecko或者Necko)提供,或者由一个应用,甚至一个扩展提供。


Language Bindings
一款 XPCOM 的语言绑定是连接某种特定的程序设计语言与 XPCOM 之间的纽带,用于实现下述的两个目标:
The XPCOM Glue is a static library which component developers and embedders can link against. It allows developers to link only against the frozen XPCOM method symbols and maintain compatibility with multiple versions of XPCOM.
XPCOM guide
These articles provide tutorials and usage documentation for XPCOM, including how to use it in your own projects and how to build XPCOM components for your Firefox add-ons and the like.
XPCOM reference
This reference describes the interfaces and functions provided by the XPCOM library. In addition, it details the various helper classes and functions, as well as the components, provided by the XPCOM glue library. The contents herein are oriented primarily toward extension developers and people embedding XPCOM in other projects.



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