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Below you'll find links to documentation about various Mozilla projects; these are often parts of Firefox or other products, but may also be used in other projects as well.

Crash reporting
Firefox ships with an open-source crash reporting system. This system is combination of projects:
L20n lets localizers reach higher levels of free linguistic expression by sharpening the divide between localization and application logic.
Personal Security Manager (PSM)
PSM全称为Personal Security Manager,包含了一套在客户应用程序上执行密码操作的代码库。这些操作包括设置SSL连接,对象签名和签名认证,证书管理(包括发行和废弃),和其它通用PKI函数。
Social API
The Social API is an architecture that makes it easier for web browsers to integrate with social media services, using standard web technologies as the API. Once a social service provider is implemented for Firefox, it becomes possible for the browser to integrate web resources from a service, in-chrome user controls and information related to that service.
SpiderMonkey 是Mozilla使用C/C++编写的JavaScript 引擎。它被用于包括Firefox在内的多个Mozilla产品中,使用的是MPL 2授权协议.


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