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参与 Mozilla 本地化工作

Localization (L10n) is the process of translating software user interfaces from one language to another and adapting it to suit a foreign culture. These resources are for anyone with an interest in the technical aspects involved in localization. They are for developers and all contributors.


本地化 FAQ
欢迎来到 Mozilla 本地化(简称 l10n)!
Verbatim is a web-based tool (specifically a Mozilla-hosted Pootle instance) for localizing Mozilla web content. Being that it is web-based, localizers must be online to use it. It can be used to localize a variety of Mozilla projects and is capable of supporting any language. This page will walk you through localizing a common Mozilla web project. The tutorial here will give you a solid foundation for using Verbatim to localize any Mozilla web project you hope to add to your localization community's efforts. We'll discuss what specific projects


Join the localization community on our mailing list or newsgroup:

Also, be sure to join in the live discussion in the #l10n channel on IRC.

These topics may also be of interest:

Verbatim is currently being used for, how to get started with Verbatim, and the tasks that are commonly accomplished through using Verbatim.

See also

  • Localizing MDN (About localization of the documentation here on MDN)


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