Firefox for Android

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对于越来越多的人来说,移动设备是他们上网的主要方式,甚至是唯一方式。Firefox Android版(代号 Fennec)是一个开放的,可定制的,基于标准的浏览器,就像桌面版的Firefox。

Firefox Android版从原生的Android小部件构建用户界面而不是XUL:这极大的提高了性能,特别是启动时间和内存消耗上。

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With Firefox for Android, you've got access a number of APIs that expose the underlying capabilities of the device, closing the gap between the Web and native applications:

To test your web site on Firefox for Android, you can install it on an Android device or run it on your desktop using the Android Emulator.


Firefox for Android supports add-ons using the exact same extension system used by all other Gecko-based applications. We did not invent a new add-on system. This means that building an add-on for Firefox on Android is the same process that would be used for desktop Firefox. Add-ons that work with desktop Firefox do not automatically work in Firefox on Android. The user interfaces are just too different.

Firefox on Android has a unique application identifier which must be used in install.rdf. The identifier is {aa3c5121-dab2-40e2-81ca-7ea25febc110}

Both classic restart-required and newer restartless add-on approaches are supported. Using the restartless approach is preferred whenever possible because the user experience is far superior to forcing an application restart when installing or removing an add-on.


  • There is no visible XUL in the UI, so using overlays to try to add or change UI is useless.
  • Internal code and objects, like gBrowser, do not exist. Look at the Firefox on Android browser.js file to learn about the internals. Much of the same fundamental functionality exists.
  • Services like nsIPromptService and nsIAlertsService are implemented to use native Android UI.
  • There is a simple JavaScript object, called NativeWindow, that allows you to manipulate parts of the native Android UI.

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Documentation and tutorials for using and troubleshooting Firefox for Android are available on the Mozilla Support website.