Firefox 24网站兼容性




Firefox 24 Aurora (pre-Beta) will be released on . While it has been developed to maintain compatibility as much as possible, the new version includes some changes affecting backward compatibility aimed at improving interoperability with the other browsers or following the latest Web standards. Here's the list of such changes — Hope this helps whenever you test your sites or applications.

This article only explains the changes that may affect backward compatibility for Websites. For the other new features and changes, please read the following documents:

This list may be updated until the release of the final version on , so please check back later.


The releaseEvents (en-US), captureEvents (en-US), routeEvent (en-US), enableExternalCapture and disableExternalCapture methods on the window object have been removed. They were Netscape-derived APIs deprecated since Firefox 3 and the implementation has been no-op (doing nothing). Recently Google Chrome (the Blink rendering engine) also removed the support for those methods. The standard DOM Event methods, including addEventListener (en-US) and removeEventListener, should be used instead.