Linux Build Prerequisites


  • 512 MB RAM 加上大量的swap空间. 对于静态编译xulrunner, 最少要 1GB RAM. 更多的 RAM 会显著的减少编译时间.
  • debug 编译: 至少 1.5 GB 空余的磁盘空间(推荐 2 GB)
  • 优化版编译: 至少 300 MB 空余磁盘空间(推荐 500)


Debian/Ubuntu系列简单地使用 apt-get build-dep mozilla-firefox 命令就可以安装编译Firefox所需的所有包。


  • A recent POSIX Shell
  • 一套C++编译器。 建议使用GCC 3.2或者更高, or your platform's native C/C++ compiler.
  • Perl 5.6 或更高 Older perl versions may work if you upgrade File::Spec to version 0.8
  • GNU make 3.79.1 或更高. 其他种类的"make" 是没有用的。
  • CVS 1.11 or 或更高
  • A widget toolkit. GTK2 是"标准的" toolkit, 而GTK (1.2.0 or higher) 也经过了很好的测试. QT 和 plain xlib 的配置选项也有, 但是他们没有经过很好的测试.
  • libIDL 0.6.3 or higher. 源码的 snapshots 可以在这里获取 ftp. 如果你使用RPMs, 你还需要常规的 rpm 以及 -devel rpm. 如果你已经安装了 ORBit , 就可以不必安装 libIDL. 根据需要你可能还需要安装 ORBit-devel 包.
  • zip 2.3 (或更高)
  • freetype 2.1.0 (或更高)
  • fontconfig
  • pkgconfig 0.9.0 (or higher)


  • Autoconf 2.13 (which requires GNU m4) 如果修改 Autoconf是必须的. If you have no idea what this means, then don't worry about it. It's optional. Autoconf 2.5x 不能正常工作. See bug 104642 for details.


  • The default /bin/sh that comes with some older unices (notably OSF/1) is known to be deficient. In that case, you should use 'gmake SHELL=ksh'.
  • If you're using a glibc 2.07 system, you need this patch
  • gcc 2.95.2 (or higher) will also work, but has a different C++ ABI, which means that many extensions and plugins will be incompatible and may cause crashes
  • Redhat 7.0 users, the compiler distributed with RH 7.0 is buggy, and it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest gcc 2.9x compiler (2.96-77 or later). You need the packages named gcc-c++, gcc, and cpp.