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Existing Tools


SPS - Built-in profiler

profiler.png描述: Add-on that runs the built-in profiler, retrieves the data and parses it on a web service, displaying a call tree and a timeline with responsiveness measurements.
用处: Figuring out where time is being spent in the code / what is hanging Firefox
URL: geckoprofiler.xpi on GitHub
用法: After installing the add-on, click on the icon in the Add-ons bar (status bar) to open an widget with Start/Stop and Analyze buttons. More details at Profiling with the built-in profiler. The profiling build can be used to get accurate call stacks (currently Mac only).



aboutjank.PNG描述: 运行内置的分析器并将检索到的数据显示在about:jank页面.
用处: 找出哪些代码在消耗时间,哪些代码让Firefox运行受阻.
URL: about:jank AMO下载
用法: 首次打开about:jank页面激活分析器,然后刷新页面查看分析的数据.





aboutelemetry.png描述: 显示当前配置文件性能数据:直方图,缓慢的SQL语句和启动时间线.
用处: 获取当前配置文件性能数据.
URL: about:telemetry  AMO下载
用法: 确保选项"提交性能数据"已经开启 (选项 -> 高级 ->提交性能数据)然后打开about:telemetry.




aboutstartup.PNG描述: 在about:startup页面显示Firefox的启动计时.
用处: 获取当前配置文件的启动性能信息.
URL: about:startup AMO下载
用法: 安装扩展后打开about:startup.




aboutcc.PNG描述: Analyzes the cycle collection graphs and helps find leaks (specially documents) and missing CC optimizations.
用处: 找出内存泄漏的页面.
URL: about:cc bugzilla下载
用法: 安装该扩展,重启, 打开about:cc.首先点击Run Cycle Collector,然后点击 Find Documents.


aboutccdump.png描述: More graphical interface to about:cc. Helps analyze cycle collection graphs and finding leaks
用处: 找出引起内存泄漏的死循环.
URL: about:ccdump  AMO下载
用法: 查看 Jan Odvarko's post 了解更多信息.



about-nosy-overview-scaled.png描述: 图形界面的jsprobes,帮助分析哪个标签最消耗资源.
用处: 查看各标签和扩展的内存以及cpu使用情况.
URL: about:nosy Github下载
用法: 查看 Andrew Sutherland's post获得更多详情. 注意: 上已有的版本只适合Firefox "Aurora" 12的早期版本使用.


memchaser.png描述: 在附加组件栏(状态栏)显示GC/CC和内存使用等信息. 还可以切换内存报告记录.
用处: 在一个标准的浏览会话里跟踪记录垃圾回收和内存占用等信息
URL: MemChaser AMO下载
用法: 安装扩展并打开附加组建栏


描述: Python script that greatly helps you binary-search a regression bug through the nightly builds by automatically downloading and running each build with a fresh profile.
用处: Finding the nightly regression range for a bug that you're not sure when was introduced.
URL: MozRegression on GitHub
用法: First find a nightly build date that you're sure the problem exists, and one where you're sure it doesn't. Then run mozregression --good=yyyy-mm-dd --bad=yyyy-mm-dd and the script will guide you on finding the regression.


Layout painting flash

描述: 打开该选项后, Firefox中每次被重绘的元素都会以随机的背景颜色显示出来.
用处: 查找不必要的页面重绘失效问题
URL: 在about:config中将nglayout.debug.paint_flashing 设置为true
用法: 在about:config页面中配置, 更多信息请参考 这篇文章.

Logging GC/CC times

描述: 在错误控制台上显示GC/CC运行的时间.
用处: 查看垃圾回收/循环回收是否运行太长时间.
URL: 在about:config中将javascript.options.mem.log 设置为true
用法: 在about:config页面中配置, 打开错误控制台查看记录的信息.