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If you share Mozilla's mission and principles and want to help spread them to more developers, check out the ways you can get involved with technical evangelism, and join our evangelism discussion group.

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Join Mozilla

If you want to go beyond connecting with Mozilla, you can join Mozilla and help realize Mozilla's mission of building a better Internet. As a developer, you have skills to contribute in many areas, as well as the opportunity to enhance your skills. Mozilla is an open source project, so we "default to open." You can "view source" and contribute to our software development projects, like the Firefox browser for desktop and Android, Firefox OS, and Mozilla's websites. You can become part of an international community and get recognition for your efforts. Here are some of the advantages of contributing to the Mozilla project.

Opportunity to learn something new

In writing code for an open source project, you may face problems you have not encountered before, which present learning opportunities for you. You can try out new tools and techniques in an open source project. If for example, if you have never done unit testing, and cannot get permission to do so at work then coding for an open source project would be an excellent place to learn more about it. Contributing to open source gives you the opportunity to collaborate with and get to know many people around the world who have similar interests. Moreover, an open source organization like Mozilla has many contributors who can help you in solving problems you encounter. If you're just getting started contributing, you can look for "mentored" bugs, where an experienced contributor has offered to help a newcomer fix them.

What can I get by contributing?

Exploring many things and gaining recognition in the community -- these are the intangible benefits of contributing to Mozilla. While we can't guarantee specific tangible benefits, many valued contributors receive free Mozilla gear and invitations to Mozilla-related events, and are first in line to be considered for internships. Moreover, your experience in contributing to an open source project might help you find a job. More and more employers of developers are looking at open source contributions. They like to see that you're blogging and contributing to mailing lists, and they like to see you listed as a contributor to an open source project. It may also help with the work experience section of your CV/resumé.

How you can contribute to Mozilla

There are many project area for which you can contribute to Mozilla. You can find a current, complete list on the main Mozilla Get Involved page. Some areas that may interest you as a developer include:

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Developers at a Firefox OS workshop in Madrid.