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Whenever you wish to make changes to MDN's content (such as editing, creating, or adding tags to pages), you need to be signed in. This article will explain the process of signing in and the authentication methods we support for identifying you as an MDN contributor.

Currently we support two authentication providers: Mozila Persona and GitHub. Persona is being shut down in November, 2016, so we strongly recommend using GitHub to authenticate, so that you don't lose access to your account after Persona is shut down. See Adding an authentication provider to learn how to update your account.


MDN使用第三方身份认证服务来登入网站以做贡献。当未登入时,您将看到屏幕顶部的"Sign in"(登入)框,框内展示了我们支持的各种身份认证服务的图标。

Sign in box on MDN, showing Persona and Github.

单击其中一个图标,或在鼠标悬浮在登入框时显示的下拉列表中选择希望认证的服务。If you don't already have an account with one of the supported authentication services, you will need to create one.

From there on, the authentication provider will take over the sign in process. Follow their prompts or instructions to complete the sign in process.


While MDN is designed to support multiple authentication methods, we currently support only two: Mozilla Persona and GitHub. However, Persona has been deprecated and will be shut down at the end of November, 2016. For that reason, we strongly advise you to use GitHub for authentication.

If you already have an MDN account but use Persona to log in, be sure to update your account to include a GitHub login, or one day you will discover you can no longer log in to edit MDN. See Adding an authentication provider below.

Adding an authentication provider

To add an authentication provider to your account, visit your profile by clicking on your username at the top-right of the screen after signing in. Once on your profile page, open the "gear" menu, as seen here:

Gear menu in profile, showing the "Account connections" option

Click the "Account connections" option. This will open a page listing the account connections you already have. Near the bottom of the page is a section called "Connect a new account", which lists the types of accounts you can connect below it:

Click on the account type you wish to add (at this time, GitHub is strongly recommended) and follow the prompts to complete the process of linking that account to your MDN account.



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