From time to time, as the developers of MDN's Kuma platform make changes to the site, we provide early access to those new features to members who have opted in to be beta testers. As is typical with any "beta" test, features might not work properly in some situations.


  1. 登录MDN,在顶部导航栏点击你的用户名。
    Shows location of the user's profile link in the top navigation
  2. 点击编辑按钮。
    Shows location of the button to edit a user's profile (which may vary depending on window dimensions
  3. 勾选复选框成为 Beta 测试者
    Shows the location of the Beta Tester checkbox
  4. 点击资料页底部的发布按钮
    Shows the location of the Publish button on a user's profile page


  1. 登录MDN,在顶部导航栏点击你的用户名。随后会跳转到你的资料页。
  2. 点击编辑按钮。随后在编辑模式下打开资料页。
  3. 取消 Beta 测试者的复选框
  4. 点击发布按钮.

Give feedback about a beta test

There are two ways you can give feedback about a beta test:

  • Share qualitative feedback on the MDN discussion forum. Add a post to the Beta feedback thread.  Or,
  • File a bug, using the following steps:
  1. Create an account on Bugzilla if you don't already have one.
  2. Open a bug report in Bugzilla for MDN.
  3. Include the word "beta" in the Summary field to help MDN developers filter and triage incoming bugs.
  4. Fill out the bug report form to the best of your ability. Be as detailed as possible.
  5. Click the Submit button.



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