MDN "meta-documentation" archive

Here you'll find archived "meta-documentation"; that is, documentation about how to write documentation on MDN. The articles here are obsolete and should no longer be referenced; we are retaining them here for reference while we migrate some content to new places, but very little of this is useful.

This is a temporary Index of the content that has been migrated from DevEdge to this wiki. The original list and mirror are linked below.
MDC 维基可以重定向到外部网站。在category的页面里,我们使用类这样的链接。这些链接可以让我们连接到不包含在本维基内的外部页面去。
下面的内容,将介绍如何在 Devmo wiki 中自定义 CSS 类。无论任何原因,如果您需要为本 wiki 创建自定义 CSS 类,请随时联系 Dria.