Firefox OS 开发

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

本部分提供了许多有用的文档,主要包括在编译和写应用时对Firefox OS修改和定制的不同方式以及您如何能够帮助我们对平台进行开发。

Gaia是指web应用的集合,并由这些应用共同组成了 Firefox OS 的前端。在Firefox OS  屏幕上显示的内容都使用了开放web技术,其中包括主屏幕和所有的原生应用 。本指南主要对如何快速使用和修改Gaia层应用进行了简单介绍。
Hacking Gaia
 Market customizations guide
Market customizations allow you to specify build-time customization instructions (for example, which apps should be included in your build) in separate directories, without modifying the core Gaia repo. You can include your own customizations in distinct directories, or use the preexisting directories that come with the source. These customizations are specified with build options. In this article we look in detail at how to create and use these customizations.
Modifying the hosts file
A guide to what can be achieved by modifying the Firefox OS hosts file.
Customization with the .userconfig file
How to customize the build and execution of Firefox OS by changing the .userconfig file.
Customizing the keyboard in Firefox OS apps
This guide shows how to customize the keyboard in your Firefox OS apps.
Firefox OS 本地化
A guide to localising the Firefox OS platform, making it available in your preferred languages.