"Browser makers are no longer the problem. The problem lies with designers and developers chained to the browser-quirk-oriented markup of the 1990s-often because they don't realize it is possible to support current standards while accommodating old browsers."

本文对如何升级你的web页面以符合World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)web标准,提供了大致说明。前两个部分分别说明验证问题,验证的好处,错误原件,错误属性;然后通过提供推荐资料、教程和参考来告诉大家,如何升级页面以通过验证以及如何应用CSS。

The other sections address DOM and DHTML coding practices which are at odds with the W3C web standards and suggest replacements. Every proposed W3C web standards replacement in this article is working without a problem in modern browsers like MSIE 7, Firefox 2, Opera 9, Safari 2, Konqueror 3.5+, Icab 3, etc.

The next-to-last section, Summary of Changes, outlines all the changes described in this article. The last section offers excellent and best references for those wishing to learn more about upgrading techniques presented in this article and more for those wishing to perfect their web pages.


  1. 使用web标准的好处
  2. Making your page using web standards - how to
  3. 使用 W3C DOM
  4. Developing Cross Browser/Cross Platform Pages
  5. 使用 XMLHttpRequest
  6. Summary of Changes
  7. References


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