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In progress. Archived add-ons documentation.
This page includes archived content for Apps, including obsolete web app content, Firefox OS app-related content, etc.
Archived Mozilla and build documentation
These articles are archived, obsolete documents about Mozilla, Gecko, and the process of building Mozilla projects.
Archived open Web documentation
The documentation listed below is archived, obsolete material about open Web topics.
Firefox OS 是由 Mozilla 打造的全新移动操作系统,基于 Linux 系统和驱动火狐浏览器的强大 Gecko 渲染引擎开发。
JXON (无损 JavaScript XML对象注释)  是一个通用名称,通过它定义使用 XML的JavaScript对象的表示。 这种转换没有真正的标准,但一些公约开始出现在网络上。在某些情况下,必须从JavaScript解释器中读取XML文档的全部内容(例如用于Web应用程序语言或设置XML文档)。在这些情况下,JXON可能是最实用的方法。
MDN "meta-documentation" archive
Here you'll find archived "meta-documentation"; that is, documentation about how to write documentation on MDN. The articles here are obsolete and should no longer be referenced; we are retaining them here for reference while we migrate some content to new places, but very little of this is useful.
Misc top level
In progress. These pages were moved from the top level of MDN in a spate of furious reorganization.
MMgc is the Tamarin (née Macromedia) garbage collector, a memory management library that has been built as part of the AVM2/Tamarin effort. It is a static library that is linked into the Flash Player but kept separate, and can be incorporated into other programs.
Web 标准
^ - The Web Standards Project
XQuery is a W3C standard language which is meant to be for XML what SQL is for relational data--i.e., the ability to search, sort, extract, and remold data. It offers powerful and yet intuitive searching based on XPath, has SQL-like syntax for the query portion, and has scripting features such as function and variable definitions, XML-inclusion, etc.
在 extensions 中使用 workers


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