XUL School is a comprehensive add-on development tutorial, focusing on Firefox extension development. It is recommended that you read through all of it at least once. While Firefox changes rapidly, the content in this tutorial should be up to date and valid.

XUL School 是一个综合性的 add-on 开发手册, 它集中于 Firefox 附加组件的开发. 强烈建议你能从头到尾至少熟读一遍.  d在 Firefox 快速更新的同时, 这个手册的相关内容也应该更新并使之有效.

Basic functionality (基本功能)
Intermediate functionality (中级功能)
Advanced topics (高级论题)

The XUL School project was developed by Appcoast (formerly Glaxstar). The project is now published here following its sharing licenses. Its contents have been modified from the original source as necessary.




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