The Letter-Heads

Experience interactive shadow-art in your browser.

建立方法 JavaScript, CSS3, 音频, 字体和类型

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The Letter-Heads is a demo that lets you experience interactive shadow art. Meet different characters made with letters and text-shadow. By moving and rotating the letters into the right position, their shadow of the letters casts a silhouette that looks like a head. The animation is done with CSS3+JS. It’s mainly inspired by shadow artist Kumi Yamashita (

Credits: Created by simurai.

PS. Also thanks to Refunk for letting me work on this during some office hours.

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  1. nagarjun007 说:

    hi...its really amazing work...great...
    by the way..can you help me with this html5 ??
  2. tot2ivn 说:

    Nice idea and interaction using CSS3 !
  3. Persiangateway 说:

    MDaemon/WorldClient v9.6.4 copyright 2007 Alt-N Technologies
    Launcher auto drive


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