Media Query Mario

A progressive series of CSS3 animation fired by media queries

建立方法 JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, 音频, 字体和类型,

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This is a recreation of Super Mario 3 using media queries, CSS3 animations and embedded HTML5 audio elements. The animation is controlled using CSS3 media queries to step through the level.

The demo uses the step-end timing function to control background spriting, which is implemented differently in Firefox to Webkit - Webkit seems to ignore the sprite stepping as you progress through the animation - therefore the element spriting is a bit less slick in Webkit, but works perfectly in Firefox.

Any feedback would be great - positive or negative :) - and if you do like it, please do like it or share it above.

All rights to Mario are held by Nintendo, and I am simply using the assets for a completely not-for-profit demo.

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  1. judavi 说:

    I'm very impressed about this demo, I don't really know the new the features of Css Media Queries
  2. RezaAssar 说:

    Very cool.
  3. Pomax 说:

    Attention caught! Will you be at MozFest in London next week? We're doing some hackable games talks and workshops, and it would be great to talk to you about pure HTML5 games like this demo =)
    1. dragongraphics 说:

      Unfortunately not, as I'm down in Brighton for Full Frontal conference that weekend. If you guys have any future meetups around this though let me know - really interested in the potential for this kind of tech!
  4. solidhex 说:

    This is seriously bad ass. Great work!
  5. andresroberto10 说:

    This is cool man! Great job : )


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