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Write HTML snippets on the go and fully offline!

建立方法 JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, 移动, 离线支持,

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-- Be sure to check out my blog: for more of my projects --

With Fiddly you can write pieces of HTML-code on the go even without internet connection.

Fiddly uses HTML5 LocalStorage and Application Cache to save your fiddles locally.

Fiddly also allows you to share your fiddles with friends and co-workers thanks to Data URIs.

Please check out the Libraries-section for some JS and CSS goodies!

If you need help then check out the Help-section for some tips and tricks!

I hope you like Fiddly, be sure to check the Fullscreen function too!

If you have any remarks or feedback please let me know trough the comments.

Geek, Designer, HTML5-lover, Chocoholic


In this demo I used:

- Screenfull.js (

Screenfull.js is used to add fullscreen functionality to this demo

- How to Inject Custom HTML and CSS into an iframe - Nettuts+ - by Jeffrey Way

The code in this Tutorial was modified to work offline

The screenshots were made using Breezi PlaceIt (




下载源代码 97.35 KB · ZIP 格式

此演示发布于 GPL 授权之下。

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