Note: A number of the articles on this page are good, but the page itself is obsolete; most of this material is being purposed and put into the new Open Web Apps docs.

    Guides and tutorials

    Firefox OS app快速开发
    使你快速创建FireFox OS apps的向导。
    给那些想要将他们的Web sites变成Web应用的开发者的建议。
    Suggestions for developers of apps for other mobile platforms who would like to start building Open Web Apps.
    Developing game apps
    Special considerations for game app developers, above and beyond the basics of Web app development.
    Assorted tutorials and step-by-step guides to building example apps.

    App basics

    Open Web Apps and Web standards
    High-level view of the intentions behind Open Web Apps.
    Using app templates
    To help you get going with app development as quickly as possible, there are some template apps you can use as a basis for your own apps. This guide provides information on those templates, how to get them, and how to work with them.
    App Manifest
    The manifest contains information describing your app. This guide explains how the manifest works and how to create one.
    The Apps JavaScript API
    Information about the JavaScript DOM API that provides app-specific capabilities, such as installing and managing your apps.
    Installing Apps
    The Apps.install() DOM method is used to install an app. Learn how to use it in this reference page.
    App permissions
    Access to device APIs is key to creating many useful apps. Here is what's available and how to access them.
    Letting your app work offline
    Strategies and technologies you can use to ensure that your app works when there's no network connection available.
    Packaged apps
    This article explains packaged apps, which you need for an app to access sensitive device APIs, and covers how to create and install them.
    Identity integration
    Information about using Persona (also known as BrowserID) to authenticate app developers and users.

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    Tools for app developers
    Technology reference documentation
    Getting help from the community

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