Quickstart information on coding open web apps.

    Introduction to open web apps
    What are open web apps? How they differ from regular web pages? Why is this significant? This article aims to answer these questions and more.
    Your first app
    This article takes you through the basic steps and additional knowledge on top of regular web development required to create installable open web apps.
    Introduction to Firefox OS
    An introduction to Firefox OS, Mozilla's new open web app-based mobile platform.
    Introduction to manifests
    An FAQ designed to answer any questions you may have about manifests, hosting apps, origins, and other such topics.
    App development for web developers
    If you're a web developer, how do open web apps differ from what you're used to? This article explains all.
    App development for mobile developers
    If you're a native mobile application developer, what advantages can open web apps bring to you, and how do they differ from what you are used to? Here are some ideas.
    Developing app functionality
    This page talks about the kinds of different functionality that you might want to build into your apps, with links to further information.
    How do you build functionality to make people pay for installing your open web apps? Here is the lowdown.
    App tools
    Last for this section, we provide some links to more information on the tools available to help you develop great open web apps.


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