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Mozilla 认为一个健康的应用生态系统既需要免费软件也需要收费软件,因此火狐应用市场提供了多种方式进行收费和应用内支付。支付提供商能Payments are processed by a payment provider who can charge the app directly to a user's mobile phone account or to a credit card.

Payments in your app

Mozilla strongly encourages developers to provide users with a way to preview the functionality of an app before requiring payment. This can be accomplished by offering free and paid versions of the same app or by utilizing in-app payments. The Firefox Marketplace currently supports several payment models:

  • In-app payments (users can make payments from within the app)
  • Paid or freemium apps (users must pay before installing the app)
  • Recurring subscriptions (planned)

In-app payments

In-app payments are a flexible way to charge for a variety of digital goods and services from within an app. For example, in-app payments can be used to:

  • sell special abilities, items, or upgrades in a game
  • upgrade or unlock additional app features
  • implement a time-based free trial
  • replenish a virtual currency or credits within an app

Implementing in-app payments is as easy as enabling them in the Marketplace and sending JSON requests with the details of the payment to be made. Inventory and items are managed by your app; there's no need to maintain an inventory of items in the Marketplace or wait for Mozilla to approve your items. When an in-app payment request is made, the user will be presented with a payment screen to confirm the purchase using the payment provider of their choice.

Learn more about implementing in-app payments in your app.

Note: While we encourage apps using in-app payments to be free for download, it's possible to have a paid app that also uses in-app payments.

Some developers may wish to charge for their app before a user is allowed to install it. When setting up payments in the Marketplace, you can choose a price point and users will be asked to pay that amount at the time of download.

Mozilla also supports developers who wish to release a free version of their paid app with reduced functionality allowing users to preview the app. To facilitate this "freemium" model, a free and paid app can be linked together, allowing the developer to pitch the features of the paid upgrade in an "upsell" block on the free app's details page.

Paid apps should validate receipts when starting up to ensure each user has purchased the app.

Selling your app

Each app listed in the Firefox Marketplace are sold by the payment provider who is the merchant of record and is responsible for processing the transaction, collecting sales taxes and value added taxes (VAT), ensuring compliance with local consumer regulations, disbursing funds, processing refunds, and performing other duties of a merchant. Mozilla is providing the venue where the buyers (app users) and sellers (app developers) come together, but is not a party to the transactions. Bango is the payment provider for Firefox Marketplace.

In order to support the operation of the Firefox Marketplace, improve our apps platform, and advance our mission, Mozilla and its partners take a share of each transaction and pays the entire transaction fee out of its share. Currently, developers keep 70% of each app purchase or in-app purchase that uses the Marketplace (after VAT and fees, which are included in the end user price). Mozilla and its partners receive 30%.

Payment processors

A payment processor handles the transaction between the buyer (app user) and seller (app developer), including matters such as credit card processing. Payment processors typically charge a fee for each transaction for providing this service. Developers need to create an account with each payment processor through the Firefox Marketplace Developer Hub.

Note: The payment processing system for Firefox Marketplace is currently (February 2013) being tested in various countries.

App prices

See App pricing for information on pricing your app and getting paid.


Refunds may be authorized by Mozilla, the payment processor, or mobile network operator if a user requests a refund. These refunds will be authorized according to our refund policy in compliance with local consumer laws, the mobile operator's refund policy, and credit card refund policies. In-app purchases are not refundable through Mozilla.

If an app purchase is refunded, its receipt is invalidated. Therefore, developers should always validate receipts to ensure proper licensing of any instance of an app.

Apps that receive an abnormal volume of refund requests may be investigated by Mozilla.

Supported regions, languages, and currencies

The Firefox Marketplace aims to launch with as many supported countries, languages, and currencies as possible. We would like to be able to support a localized version of the Marketplace and allow payments to be made to and from each country, but we will likely not achieve that by the time of launching the Marketplace. When we have identified the set of supported locales and currencies, we will include it here.

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