Design patterns and assets

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Design pattern information, along with building blocks and assets to help with rapid prototyping and consistent look and feel.

Small screen design patterns
Guides to effective component design patterns that work on small screen apps, including Firefox OS.
Responsive navigation patterns
How do you make a UI that looks and works as great on a smartphone as it does on the desktop? Learn how to design UIs that change to fit your user's screen.
Building blocks
A library of components for use in Open Web Apps, including usage guides, assets, and HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets.
Design asset library
Graphical assets for helping design the visuals of Open Web Apps, including PSD files.
Content styleguide
A guide to choosing effective fonts, writing good copy, and creating good image content for Open Web Apps.
Firefox OS styleguide
Styleguide for Firefox OS apps.
Firefox OS Icon styleguide
Designing a good application icon.


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