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Bạn muốn giúp MDC tốt hơn? Đây là nơi để bạn bắt đầu.

The Mạng lưới nhà phát triển Mozilla  (Viết tắt là MDN - Mozilla Developer Network) hỗ trợ sự lớn mạnh và phát triển của Firefox và web bằng cách cung cấp thông tin cập nhật và toàn diện, chính xác và cập nhật về Firefox, Mozilla và các công nghệ phát triển web. Trung tâm tài liệu MDN (viết tắt là MDC - MDN Documentation Center) là mảng về tài liệu của MDN.

Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm sự giúp đỡ về kỹ thuật, hãy xem hoặc tìm kiếm trên các trang web. Các câu hỏi về kỹ thuật cần phải chuyển đến một trong các diễn đàn phát triển Mozilla.

Các câu hỏi của người dùng sẽ được trả lời tại một trong các diễn đàn hỗ trợ người sử dụng.

I found some wrong or out-of-date info. What should I do?

Ideally, it would be great if you would just fix it. MDC is a wiki, after all. For typos and other minor things, it's really quicker to fix it than to tell someone about it.

But that's not always realistic. Maybe you came to MDC to quickly find some info while in the middle of some other task, and you don't want to interrupt your flow. Or maybe you can tell that something's not right, but you don't personally know all the correct info. There are a few ways you can flag a problem to hopefully be fixed by someone else, including Bugzilla and tagging.


If you don't know what Bugzilla is, you can safely ignore this section. If you're the kind of person who lives and breathes in Bugzilla, you can file a documentation bug. Use these field values:

Mozilla Developer Network
Documentation requests
The page where you found the problem
As much as you know or have time to describe about the problem and where to find correct information. This can include people ("talk to so-and-so") as well as Web links.


If you're not a Bugzilla maven, you can use tags within MDC to flag problems. Here are some of the tags we use, and their meanings:

  • NeedsMarkupWork: the formatting is not standard or not consistent with other pages.
  • NeedsExample: needs one or more illustrative code examples of the item documented.
  • NeedsContent: the item is incomplete and needs to be filled out.
  • NeedsJSVersion: needs information about the version of JavaScript and EcmaScript this item first appears in.
  • NeedsBrowserCompatibility: needs a browser compatibility table or needs the table filled out.
  • MakeBrowserAgnostic: the article is written with a focus on Gecko, when it is actually about a standard function or feature, which should be rewritten to be generic.

To add tags

  1. Login to MDN.
  2. Click Edit to enter editing mode.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. In the Tags box, type the tag that you want to add. Tags can contain spaces.
  5. Press Enter to accept the tag.
  6. Click Save Changes when you are done.

To remove tags

  1. Login to MDN.
  2. Click Edit to enter editing mode.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click the X next to the tag you want to delete.
  5. Click Save Changes when you are done.

I want to dive in!

If you'd like to help make the content on MDC better, there are several ways you can contribute. You can write new content, copy-edit and correct existing material, or translate material into new languages. Check out Getting started for details.


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