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Навчіться створювати сучасні web-застосунки з використання новітніх технологій та прийомів — застосунки, що матимуть надможливості в сучасних перегядачах, та все ж задовільно працюватимуть на більш старих.

Сучасні прийоми

Progressive web apps
Progressive web apps involve taking standard web sites/apps that enjoy all the best parts of the Web — such as discoverability via search engines, being linkable via URLs, and working across multiple form factors — and supercharging them with modern APIs (such as Service Workers and Push) and features that confer other benefits more commonly attributed to native apps.


The guides listed below cover common areas of functionality that you'll want to cover/implement in web apps. Each page includes workflows, tutorials, references, examples, and other useful information.

This Quick Start guide introduces a recommended tool chain for creating web apps, and outlines the specific requirements for building Firefox OS applications.
Basic data flow
Setting up the data flow through your application, HTTP basics, Ajax.
Modern web app architecture
A basic introduction to modern web app architecture and development: MVC, frameworks, and so on.
Gather and modify data
Retrieving data from files, device hardware (e.g., battery, proximity, light sensor), and key services (e.g., camera, contacts).
User notifications
System notifications, alarms, vibration.
Implement user input and control mechanisms
Mouse, keyboard, pointer lock, touch inputs, drag and drop, and more.
Work offline
appCache, service workers, localStorage, and IndexedDB.
Audio and video delivery
Delivery of video and audio onto a web document.
Audio and video manipulation
How to manipulate audio and video using <canvas>, Web Audio API, and so on.
Articles about making your web apps perform better.

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