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    Developing Web apps

    Documentation about the core technologies used to create Web apps, including the DOM and WebAPIs.

    Key DOM APIs

    XMLHttpRequest: Sending and receiving data using HTTP and HTTPS
    XMLHttpRequest is the DOM API used to send and receive information using HTTP, including for downloading files.
    DOM events
    The event reference provides a complete list of all the events that can be sent and received to interact with DOM objects.
    Touch events
    This documentation covers touch events in particular, which of course you are likely to encounter when developing apps for touchscreen devices.
    A database for Web apps; this provides a great way to store structured data on the user's device.
    The Storage API provides a way to store small amounts of data on the user's device. This is often used for app preferences, for example.

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    Device interaction

    App permissions
    A guide to permissions an app needs to perform given tasks, and which permissions different kinds of content and apps get by default, or can request.
    Camera API
    The camera API lets you snap photos and video using the device's built-in camera.
    Optimizing startup performance
    Suggestions for ensuring that your app starts up quickly, smoothly, and with minimal apparent impact on device performance and functionality.
    The "WebAPI" suite of APIs provide access to nearly all the capabilities of the device, from files to network information.

    Note: We will list the individual WebAPI links here directly instead of the landing page soon.

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    Tools for app developers
    Technology reference documentation
    Getting help from the community

    If you still aren't sure how to do what you're trying to get done, feel free to join the conversation!

    Don't forget about the netiquette...

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