Kuma is the wiki platform that powers the Mozilla Developer Network. It's an open source platform written in Python and using the Django framework.

Kuma documentation

The Kuma API
Kuma provides a simple API that lets you access information about pages, and even to push new content to pages.
Introduction to KumaScript:
...the Kuma template language
Using KumaScript and templates
A guide to how to use KumaScript templates in article content.
KumaScript reference
A reference to KumaScript.
The Kuma PUT API
The experimental PUT API makes it possible to create and update articles on MDN remotely. This makes it possible to, for instance, write scripts that automatically generate and push articles based on IDL or header files' contents.
Contributing to Kuma
A guide to forking Kuma and contributing to the project.

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Tools and tasks

Server charts
Some of our New Relic charts
A list of Kuma bugs. Feel free to look through them and find something you'd like to fix! This link requires you to log into Bugzilla.
Tools and links
This page has a detailed list of various useful tools and reference documentation pages. Find the pages our devs use every day here!
Report a bug
If you've had a problem with Kuma, or have an idea for a way to make it better, you can file a bug!
A list of recently pushed changes; this is a great place to look to see what's happened recently.
What's deployed?
A status board that indicates what's been deployed to the production server.
Engineering Roadmap
Trello board used for managing ongoing work on the Kuma project.

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