MDN administrator role

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Of the roles on MDN, the role of administrator, or admin, is that with the highest permission level. Admins can use all features of the site's platform, and even have limited access to the data structures behind the scenes. This article describes what admins can do and how you can talk to one to get help with one of those things.

Contacting the admins

You can email to send a message to the admin team.

Admin powers

Admins have a number of special capabilities. Among them are the following:

Move pages

All admins have the ability to move pages and trees of pages.

Delete pages

All admins have the ability to delete any page on MDN's wiki. Usually, however, if you want a page deleted, you should simply add the tag "junk" to the page. Do not edit or erase the content (doing so makes it harder to check to be sure the page actually needs to be deleted). If there's a particularly major problem (highly offensive content, for instance), contact an admin directly as well.

Admins also have the ability to undelete previously removed pages (at least, up until they are purged from the system, which happens some time after deletion). If you find that a page has been incorrectly deleted, contact an admin.

Grant and remove permissions

Admins can change users' permissions. There is a process behind this; see Tools with restricted access for more information.

Ban and unban users

Sometimes, users cause enough trouble that they need to be locked out of editing content on MDN (either temporarily or permanently). Administrators (as well as topic drivers and localization team leaders) have the ability to ban users, as well as to remove existing bans.

Create/edit zones

MDN administrators can create new zones, turn existing pages into zones, and edit zone information and CSS. For more information about zones, see the Zone administration guide.

Edit user information

MDN administrators have a limited ability to change user information for which there's not yet a user interface for editing. If you need to have your username changed, an email address associated with an old "legacy" MDN account, or the like, you can try contacting an admin for help. We do not promise to be able to help you; not all requests can be met.

Add or change calendar entries

MDN admins can update or add to the MDN events calendar. If your writing team has a meeting you'd like listed, or if you see a problem with an existing event, please let the admins know, and we'll take care of it.

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