CSS3 up and running!

Earth and Moon moviments and a nice sunset in the horizon...all made in CSS3 and HTML only

Built using HTML5, CSS3


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No Javascript at all...
10 DIV elements...
...and CSS3, only

hope you enjoy it :)

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  1. acalzadilla said,

    Awesome - radical!
  2. dynamis said,

    What's wrong with this css style rule you write in this demo?

    Yes, you should not use -moz-transform within @-webkit-keyframes. it never used.
    Please fix your code to make webkit transform the earth properly.
  3. felipenmoura said,

    Hey Dynamis.
    Thanks for your alert. I really missed that detail...probably during a "copy & paste" moviment from my own code!
    I fixed it, and it is already published!

    Thanks again.

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This demo is released under the GPL license.

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