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Comic genertor app

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, Audio, Offline Support,


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It is a comic generator using canvas and some JS API that I have developed a couple months ago.
The drawings were made by a friend, Ana Zugaib (

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  1. deepthi.p08 said,

    Nice work...Let me know which software you used to build this app?
  2. chamb said,

    I wrote all code using GEdit from Ubuntu and the images were drawn by a friend.
    I dont know what she used, but Im almost sure it was Photoshop.

    To speed things up I used a Canvas wrapper framework that I had developed a few months before starting Comic Gen. You can take a look at it on github:
  3. deepthi.p08 said,

    Thank you 4 the information...
  4. chamb said,

    No problem! Let me know if you need any other information and I'll be glad to help.
    I don't have a great documentation for Ragaboom at the moment because I wanna improve it first.
  5. chamb said,


    There's an article about ComicGen at in case you still have interest in know how things were done :)