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  • Always Right – An Extension Migration Story

    A veteran Firefox add-on developer describes how he migrated Always Right, one of his personal must-have browser extensions, to the new WebExtensions API.

  • Building the DOM faster: speculative parsing, async, defer and preload

    In 2017, the toolbox for making sure your web page loads fast includes everything from minification and asset optimization to caching, CDNs, code splitting and tree shaking. Understanding what goes on inside a browser is still the most powerful tool for every web developer. This article breaks down how defer ...

  • Bootcamps, WebAssembly, and Computer Vision

    This past summer, four students at a coding bootcamp in Los Angeles began experimenting with WebAssembly. The result, after six weeks of exploration, was WebSight: a real-time face detection demo based on OpenCV.

  • Meta 2 AR Headset with Firefox

    One of the biggest challenges in developing immersive WebVR experiences today is that immersion takes you away from your developer tools. With Meta's new augmented reality headset, you can work on and experience WebVR content today without ever taking a headset on or off, or connecting developer tools to a ...

  • I built something with A-Frame in 2 days (and you can too)

    A few months ago, I had the opportunity to try out several WebVR experiences for the first time, and I was blown away by the possibilities. Using just a headset and my Firefox browser, I was able to play games, explore worlds, paint, create music and so much more. All ...

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