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In this section of content we'll introduce you to the topic of developing Open Web Apps, and the areas we think are most vital for you to concentrate on when building apps that will not only work across different browsers and devices, but also work well when installed on platforms such as Firefox OS.

App development topics

Installable apps
App installation and management APIs, manifest files, packaged and hosted apps, handling API permissions.
Basic data flow
Setting up the data flow through your application, HTTP basics, Ajax.
Gather and modify data
Retrieving data from files, device hardware (e.g. battery, proximity, light sensor) and key services (e.g. camera, contacts).
Control data display and feedback
Full screen, orientation, system notifications, alarms, vibration.
Implement user input and control mechanisms
Mouse, keyboard, pointer lock, touch inputs, drag and drop, and more.
Work offline
appCache, localStorage, and IndexedDB.
Manipulate media
Video, audio, and images.
Advanced network communication
CORS, system Ajax, WebRTC, Web sockets.
Play games
Special considerations for game app developers, above and beyond the basics of Web app development, can be found in our Game development zone.
Localization technologies for Firefox OS and open web apps.


App development FAQ
This FAQ is a compilation of answers to all the common app development questions received every week by our Business Development and Partner Engineering teams.

Other key topics

Advice, tips and techniques for those wishing to porting existing apps over to the open web platform, including native apps and web-related platforms such as Chrome apps.
Articles about making your web apps more performant.
Web apps architecture
An overview of the architecture behind the Open Web Apps project's design and implementation. NOT SURE IF WE NEED THIS ANYMORE; WE DO WANT AN APP LIFECYCLE DOCUMENT, WHICH SOME OF THIS CONTENT COULD BE REUSED IN.


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