Firefox 30 for developers

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Changes for Web developers

Developer Tools

  • A Box Model Highlighter has been implemented (bug 663778).
  • Anywhere a DOM node appears in the console output, it is highlighted when you hover over that console output (bug 757866). Similarly all JS functions and objects are highlighted in the console output (bug 584733). More information about the console improvement can be found in this blog post.
  • Support for Console.count() (en-US) has been added (bug 922208).



No change.




No change.



  • On Linux, Gstreamer 1.0 is now supported (instead of 0.10) (bug 806917).


No change.

Changes for add-on and Mozilla developers

  • The interface nsIDOMWindowUtils now supports the Boolean attribute audioMuted and audioVolume, a float in the range [0.01.0], allowing to control the sound produced by a window (that is any tab or iframe). There is no UI for this, but is available to add-ons. (bug 923247)

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