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    Installable apps

    This section of the docs covers open web app installation in detail, showing you all you need to know about app manifests, writing install functionality, and more.

    App manifest
    A detailed guide to Open Web App manifest files, and the different options they can contain.
    App permissions
    Access to device APIs is key to creating many useful apps. Here is what's available and how to access them.

    Note: you can use the Firefox OS App Generator to automatically generate and install FxOS apps with particular permissions, message-listeners, types, etc.

    Firefox OS API support table
    A list of the different APIs available to Firefox OS, and what support is available for them.
    Installing Apps
    The Apps.install() DOM method is used to install an app. Learn how to use it in this reference page.
    Icon implementation for apps
    Useful tips on implementing app icons, including different sizes needed for different platforms (such as Firefox OS), and implementation specifics.
    Updating apps
    How app updates are handled.
    App installation and management APIs
    A reference for the installation and management APIs that control installation and other functions of installable Open Web Apps.
    Packaged apps
    A guide to creating and installing packaged apps.
    App manifests FAQ
    Manifest frequently asked questions.
    Platform-specific details of app installation
    There are some differences in how apps are installed across the various platforms that support Open Web Apps; this article will help you to understand them.
    Open Web Apps for Android
    Information about installing and testing Open Web Apps on an Android device.

    Tools for app developers
    Technology reference documentation
    Getting help from the community

    If you still aren't sure how to do what you're trying to get done, feel free to join the conversation!

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