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B2G OS is a complete, standalone operating system for the open web. It is an open source project developed by the Mozilla community and forms the basis of Firefox OS products.

B2G OS is a community maintained open source operating system for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other connected devices. The project was started in 2011 and is based on the Linux kernel and Gecko rendering engine. The entire user interface is built using web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and can be used to launch and use web applications. Since Mozilla discontinued their commercial Firefox OS smartphone program the smartphone part of the project is entirely maintained by Mozilla's volunteer community, and branded as B2G OS.

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List of B2G OS APIs

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Note: Call for contribution & Call for App adoption has been made to gather more people, feel free to share it !

How you can help

  • File & fix bugs (meta bug is bug 1252143)
  • Help us fix failing tests
  • Port a gaia smartphone app:
    1. Turn it into a webapp (or)
    2. Turn it into chrome:// (why?) & report back
  • Port B2G OS to your phone or help us to maintain a port
  • Help improve translate this documentation & wiki
  • Propose & implement new smartphone features

Get involved

To participate in meetings and community Working Groups meetings, register on this Calendar. They are announced on Discourse, where you can find information about how to attend & notes.

Compatible devices

For more information see this page.
Flash you device easily with B2G installer.
Your device is not in the list ? Try Mulet on desktop.

*WIP = Work In Progress.

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