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Webcalcium DND

A simple, yet powerful, HTML5 calendar and to-do list

Krijuar duke përdorur HTML5, CSS3, Merre dhe Vëre, IndexedDB, Asistencë Jo Në Linjë,

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This is another version of a previous demo. It has been improved so that it uses drag and drop to reorder events and remove them by sending them to a trash icon.

WebCalcium is an open source application which acts as a mix of a calendar and to-do list. You can add events, tag them, add a date; then, using the search tool, you can filter them by the previous paramaters or via full-text search.

Its interface adapts to different screens, from desktop to smartphone, with tablets in the middle. The toolbar will take more or less space according to the width, and the dual pane will be enabled in large enough screens.

This application uses HTML5, CSS3 (transitions, media queries, fonts, text-overflow...) and some of the newest JavaScript interfaces (indexedDB, History API...). It also has offline support (with .appcache), so it will work even when there is no Internet connection.

[Note on licenses: the code is Apache licensed; it includes jquery, toastr, IndexedDBshim and kalendae (MIT-licensed all of them), and icons are adapted versions of GNOME High-Resolution icons ( , LGPL licensed by its authors (]

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  1. DevilishDB tha,

    Nice one! Do you mind if I use for my website called Galaxy OS? ( If so, I will credit you and include a link to your MDN profile.

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