Bricks 3D

The classic Bricks (or Breakout) game in 3D!

Krijuar duke përdorur JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Shkronja & Shtypje, WebGL,

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A classic game, built in 3D for the web. This is technically my first game built completely by myself, and especially for this competition. The game also has a kind of simplistic level designer. I wanted to include many more features, which I would continue to add in the near future after releasing the source code.

The game uses Three.js library for rendering 3D graphics through WebGL.

This game wouldn't have been possible without the open web technologies available today, and I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the open source revolution. The future surely seems bright for more advanced 3D graphics on the web :)

Hope you like the game! Enjoy!!!

BONUS: In case you didn't notice, the level design has a special meaning ;)

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